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THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR NATURAL GLO AND ANOTHER COMPONENT IN OUR FEEDING PROGRAM: NEW GENERATION NUTRITION!  MoorMan's has been in the mineral manufacturing business more than 114 years.  The MoorMan's GROSTRONG vitamin and mineral package costs only pennies per day and is a perfect companion for NATURAL GLO!   Understanding your needs, GroStrong minerals are also formulated for specific regions of the country in several convenient forms, a 10/lb. box, 25/lb. bag and the new patented QuadBLOCK, it's a program designed to help make your horses "Simply the Best" they can be.

KEY BENEFITS:  These mineral products provide base and trace minerals plus vitamins A, D, and E.  This product contains only 26-31% salt and 69-74% base and trace minerals plus vitamins.  Compare that to trace mineralized salt (powder or block) that contains 96 to 98% salt and only 2-4% minerals!  The benefits are obvious.




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