ONA   Station Mineral

Ona Mineral is formulated by the University of Florida, Ona Research Station and designed specifically to meet the primary mineral requirements of pasture cattle under Florida conditions.

Feed as free choice mineral. Ona Mineral is a low consumption mineral with no selenium added.



CALCIUM(Ca), (max) 15.00 %


Dicalium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Iron Oxide (Coloring Agent Only), Salt, Copper Sulfate. Cobalt Sulfate, Cottonseed Meal, Cane Molasses.

CALCIUM(Ca), (min) 12.00 %
PHOSPHORUS(P), (min) 7.00 %
SALT(NaCl), (max) 31.25 %
IRON(Fe), (min) 1.00 %
COPPER(Cu), (min) 1700 ppm
COBALT(Co), (min) 100 ppm
FLUORINE(F), (max) 1500 ppm

Net Wght 22.73 kgs (50 lbs)



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