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SENIORGLO from Moorman's, Inc.

MoorMan's SENIORGLO Horse Feed is a pelleted feed that contains NATURAL GL0 stabilized rice bran and GROSTRONG vitamins and minerals.  SENIORGLO Horse Feed is a core product in the NEW GENERATION NUTRITION feeding program.   SENIORGLO Horse Feed is nutritionally balanced and designed for horse owners who desire to meet the special needs of older horses.


  • Provides energy from Natural Glo stabilized rice bran, grains,and 
    structural carbohydrates.

  • Provides a special nutrient combination designed specifically for senior horses.

  • Available in large (3/16") pellets to make it easy for older horses to pick up and chew.

  • Utilizes natural fat (rice oil) and very digestible fiber sources(rice bran, dehydrated alfalfa, 
    wheat middlings, soybean hullsand beet pulp) as primary energy sources.  These ingredients
    provide energy without producing the symptoms of grain overload.

  • Highly palatable and readily accepted nutrient sources to meet the needs of finicky eaters.


  1. QIs there much demand for senior horse feed?
    A.  Yes.  Because of recent advances in equine medicine and nutrition, many horses are now living longer and more productive lives.   In fact, many horses now perform successfully after age 20 and live to be over 30.   Special feeds for senior horses help them stay healthier longer.

  2. Q.  What special nutritional needs do older horses have?
    A.  Research with senior horses indicates that many older horses are less efficient at absorbing or utilizing certain nutrients.  The SENIORGLO feed ingredients have been specially selected and combined to include added proteins, phosphorus, b-complex vitamins, and vitamin C that meets the needs of older horses.

  3. Q.  Why does MoorMan's SENIORGLO Horse Feed contain NATURAL GLO stabilized rice bran?
    A.  NATURAL GLO provides energy in the form of rice oil and structural carbohydrates from stabilized rice bran.  This enables the senior horse to more easily meet its energy needs through natural vegetable fats and easy to digest rice bran.  NATURAL GLO also provides vitamin E, which is important for antioxidant activity.

  4. Q.  Is it important to avoid grain overload with senior horses?
    A.  Yes.  Senior horses often have increased energy needs.  SENIORGLO contains dehydrated alfalfa, soybean hulls, and beet pulp - all very desirable structural carbohydrates - as important energy sources.  These fiber sources provide energy without producing the symptoms of grain overload.

  5. Q.  Why does SENIORGLO some in 5/16" pellets?
    A.  Grinding and pelleting ingredients make them easier for horses to chew, digest and absorb.  Older horses often have difficulty picking up and chewing feeds, and they often spill and waste a lot of feed.  The 5/16" pellets are larger and easier to manage than typical pellets.

  6. Q.  What is different about the feeding rate of SENIORGLO?
    A.  Most senior horse feeds have been formulated to be fed at a rate of 8 to 15 lb. per 1000 lb. horse per day.  They often contain large amounts of ground hay or forage products.  SENIORGLO is a more concentrated product designed to be fed at 4 to 8 lb. per 1000 lb. horse daily.  By feeding 1.25 to 1.00 lb. of good quality hay per 1000 lb. of body weight along with the recommended amount of SENIORGLO, it is simple, easy and often more economical to meet the older horse's nutritional needs.

Q.  Is it important to have a very palatable feed for older horses?
A.  Yes.  Sometimes senior horses become finicky eaters.  Therefore, SENIORGLO has been formulated with ingredients that older horses readily consume.




Protein 12 -14% 14%
Calcium 1%-Ca-P 1%
Phosphorus -0.3% 0.7%
Fiber content -8% 14.75%
Total fat 5 -8% 5.5%
Mineral package YES YES
Vitamin C YES YES

This is a list of attributes for a senior Horse feed and how SENIORGLO formulation compares.














Pelleted   (for digestibility) YES
Soft pellets   (for easy chewing) YES
(decreased production in older horses)
Blood builders  (to prevent anemia) YES
(to encourage water consumption)
(for increased forage utilization)
Separate roughage source
(for economy)


It's easy to see why we consider  SENIORGLO to be the finest senior feed product on the market.














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